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  • ‘Napoleon’

    Ridley Scott ricochets between the battlefield and the bedroom in this bloated take on the French despot.

  • ‘Wish’

    Disney has become a company so focused on itself that it has now produced a kind of fairy-tale signifier of its own brand.

  • ‘Saltburn’

    Big on style but thin on substance, Emerald Fennell's second feature gives Barry Keoghan an overdue starring turn.

  • ‘Trolls Band Together’

    The third installment of DreamWorks's animated franchise reunites an NSYNC-like group (and NSYNC itself) for self-deprecating fun.

  • ‘For All the Dogs’

    Drake's latest launches with an uncharacteristically weak batch of songs and buries its clearest highlights in the second half.

  • ‘Scarlet’

    Doja Cat, always underestimated, has the last laugh on this fiery album.

  • ‘Guts’

    Olivia Rodrigo sends teendom off with a bang in a sophomore album that is just as much brash fun as 'Sour.'


Why Hollywood Should Pursue TikTok Content With Extreme Caution

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